has over 50 years combined experience in the design, installation and servicing of Closed Circuit Television Cameras. We have earned the confidence of our valued customers by providing professional assistance on all of our video surveillance systems, industrial viewing applications, and digital video recording solutions. We offer leading edge technology for network video, wireless applications and general viewing requirements.

Our extensive systems technology background allows us to thoroughly analyze our customer's needs. We then recommend the best product integration which will offer value, quality, user-friendliness and reliability for your individual requirements.

In conjunction with our analogue and digital video applications, we are expanding to offer access and biometric controls. Full system integration and control; including networkability, are just a portion of the services we offer.

Our Services


Integrated Video is represents a number of CCTV manufacturers which allows us the flexibility to offer you the best solution. American Dynamics video technologies have earned a reputation for innovation and reliability around the globe. With pioneering breakthroughs in security technology, the American Dynamics products have always been at the forefront of the industry with the most popular and easy to use digital video management system in the industry: Intellex. The American Dynamics portfolio also includes a comprehensive selection of domes, cameras, matrix switchers, keyboards, multiplexers, monitors, and video accessories - everything required for a complete, state of the art video surveillance system. With a powerful integration platform, American Dynamics solutions work seamlessly with Kantech's access control products, as well as other important business applications, to provide customers with greater ease of operation and faster access to the information they need in critical situations. View Demo


Integrated Video is pleased to offer Kantech access control products. Kantech access control technologies are ready to use right out of the box and are the ideal choice for small to growing businesses worldwide. For additional convenience and security, Kantech solutions can easily link to American Dynamics Intellex digital video management systems to provide an integrated access control and video solution.


Pivot3 is the first and only vendor to provide failover-protected virtual machines inside an IP SAN, eliminating the cost, power and rack space of physical servers, as well as dedicated failover hardware. The result is a radical new cost point for high-capacity installations and an integrated approach to high-availability protection for both ISV applications and SAN storage.

High Availability - Fault tolerance is distributed across appliances so that no single point of failure exists. Consolidated server and storage resources are virtualized to provide server failover and advanced RAID functionality with no single point of failure. The Pivot3 STAC provides these features without the complexities and cost normally associated with high availability architectures. 

Best Value - Pivot3 IA64-based appliances ensure the lowest possible hardware costs while Pivot3 software ensures the lowest total cost of ownership. Pivot3 delivers configuration ease with a 30 minute time-to-data while dynamic load balancing simplifies configuration, management and expansion. The unique integration of storage and server virtualization provides an instant return on investment and a step ahead in green project environments. 

Appliance Simplicity - The Pivot3 STAC is readily scalable to meet changing server and storage needs. Built on standards-based hardware, tested by industry-leading technology partners and approved by discriminating customers, the Pivot3 STAC is ideal for capacity-intensive environments that can benefit from virtualization. 

Scale-out Performance - The Pivot3 STAC generates performance results beyond standalone server and storage systems by providing Direct Drive Access™ for virtual machines and by federating hardware resources across Pivot3 appliances. Scalable bandwidth using federated Gigabit Ethernet, for example, exceeds proprietary Fibre Channel at a fraction of the cost.